"My company first started working with Ms. Goldstein’s firm in 1994. She was the first advisor I met upon arriving in San Francisco, and have never regretted choosing her as our legal counsel. We have worked together through incorporations, litigations, mergers and acquisitions, many contract negotiations and visa applications. Several years ago, Zuzana represented us when one of our companies was acquired by S&T A.G., Austria. She then worked with us on establishing Priocom Corp. that shortly became one of the largest System Integrators in Ukraine. Zuzana has also represented us in immigration matters (L-1 visas and permanent residency applications). Our immigration applications were always prepared timely and accurately, with valuable legal advice on strategy and procedure in each case. I am quite certain that the thoughtful and meticulous manner in which she presented our cases played very important role in their timely approvals. O n behalf of our company I want to thank you for all the work and legal advice that you have provided over the years. I am confident that we will be working together for a long time." G. Dzekon, CEO, Priocom Corp., San Francisco, California.

"Zuzana’s services stand out for a number of reasons. First, she can be relied on to be available. I find it important that it is always possible to speak with her on short notice. She has helped me understand and negotiate immigration areas of considerable legal complexity. In our dealings, I have been impressed with Zuzana’s discrimination and discretion. As if it were not enough, she is a person who is at all times a pleasure to connect with. I have recommended her to several friends." Peter Geiger, San Francisco.

"Zuzana, I cannot thank you enough for all your help, the countless hours you spent working on my immigration case, exploring every possible angle, and winning in a “landslide.” Your sincere concern for my welfare helped me relax, as you did everything possible to ensure a positive outcome to my confusing case. You were professional, efficient, reliable, and you got the job done! I will definitely recommend your services in the future." Oded H., Berkeley, California.

"Zuzana Goldstein became our corporate attorney in 1996. From the start, I was amazed howeasy we have worked together. Ms. Goldstein’s advice went far beyond our immediate goal of incorporation, and she has been always quick in responding to our legal needs. Even when I travel abroad, I am always able to receive prompt legal counsel via email and fax. In addition, her multilingual facility has proved an important asset in conducting our international business. When our company decided to hire a foreign worker, Ms. Goldstein promptly prepared all necessary paperwork and applied for the work visa on the company’s behalf." S. Kholevinsky, President, Contemporary Technologies, Inc., San Francisco.

"Zuzana Goldstein is a miracle worker in immigration law. Her years of practice, personal experiences, being an advocate for change, and her volunteerism in the community have forged a remarkable professional and human being. We worked together from 2001 until 2005, when I successfully received my green card. Through the challenges of relocating my healthcare practice, and navigating a labor certification process, Zuzana was a seasoned expert, effective, efficient, calm, patient, encouraging. She worked tirelessly to achieve our goal. I have confidently referred many people to her. She is generous in spirit, and somehow manages to keep her sense of humor through it all." Dr. Grace Pike-Armbrust DC, Sausalito, California.

"As a vice president of PrioCom Corporation I want to tell you how proud we are to have you as our lawyer. You set a high standard andmake sure that we receive the advice and services we need. Your office is a great source; from visas to mergers and acquisitions, you and your team provide all the services we need." V. Shidlovsky,VP, PrioCom Corp., San Francisco.

"I have been fortunate enough to count on Zuzana Goldstein's legal services over the last eight years. Thanks to her competence, professionalism, and caring I have been able to work legally in the U.S. without interruption. She first came to my rescue when I was in a desperate need to appeal a denial of a visa petition. She has always genuinely cared about my immigration status and treated my cases as her own." Felix Gandara-Guzman, San Carlos, California.

"The Law Offices of Zuzana Goldstein perform dedicated and professional work for us by putting in the time and effort to achieve the best results.  We couldn’t be more pleased.  Thank you, Zuzana."  Inbal Lishansky, DSP Electronics Inc., San Francisco.

"Zuzana Goldstein’s services have been absolutely crucial to my company. I feel confident that she will take care of the legal issues while I focus my time and energy on what’s really important to me – my business. She understands the needs of small and medium-size businesses, and works professionally and efficiently." Oldrich Januska, CEO, Kauri USA, San Francisco.